Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm stealin' my roommates Internet to post some pics, Each one has a cool story- Its been 'a hell of a week and lots of cool photos as soon as I get to the town's library; library's been closed of late. All of these images are in RAW format, but I cant wait to fool with 'em on my favorite computer program. Yesterday I worked the top of Chair #11- The storm broke after a miserable, blizzarding early morning. From nearly 9150 ft, the top of chair 3 looked pretty awesome through a coloured polarized lens. The crew thinks I'm kinda weird for takin' so many photos.

I rode up Chair 12 with my roommate, Josh- its a primitive fixed-grip which gives passage to some of the most exciting and least-known intermediate runs on the Mountain. Where the lift ends- high on WhiteBark Ridge- there was an incredible view of this awesome complete circular rainbow around the sun. A friend and coworker suggested that it was a sundog, but I recognize it as something different.

Mike and I had our randomly-assigned days off together. The mountain was smothered in discouraging storm-clouds and we werent going skiing. Instead we drove south- a joy ride of sorts...
And while my co-workers continued to struggle with the wind and snow, Mike and I enjoyed more than 80-miles sunshine, 60-degrees and the amazing scene of a boiling winter range.
The photo is of the mountains very near Mammoth, from the "Green-Church Road" which leads to the local hot springs and some secret fishin' holes.

One of Mikes spots on the Owens river just miles from Mammoth Lakes. We cast in 'a copper John, and I got a short hit, but neither of us could hook a fish.

Mammoth Mountain hosted a/the Olympic-Qualifying snowboard competitions this week. I got to see the famous guys compete in our Halfpipe and over the huge ramps. My roommate Josh took this photo of a qualifier flying over him on the Halfpipe. He got to watch from a bit closer than where i watched from work.


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